02 February 2011 @ 11:14 pm
Dashiel Coffee. Tastes like ~Heaven.  
OK so, CW picked up some pilots for the next year and I gotta say... wow, major suckage as usual. Anyways, one of these is:
"Heavenly", written by Richard Hatem(former SPN co-exec producer), is from CBS Studios and Fineman Entertainment. It centers on a dedicated young female attorney and a former angel, Dashiel Coffee, only recently turned human, who tackle cases together at the attorney's legal aid clinic – she saves clients’ butts while he saves their souls. As an angel, Dash never experienced feelings or emotions, and his “awakening” is a big part of the series, sometimes to hilarious effect. "


Just like the description, he is a Castiel knock-off. Now, because this is the CW and will inevitably suck, I've gone ahead and made my own headcanon where everything is sassy and nothing hurts.

• Castiel fell, deciding that he needed some time off after the whole Apocalypse hoopla.

• To get some distance, he changed his name to his second favorite beverage (because Dean claimed Alcohol was ridiculous for some reason. Don't even ask about Dashiel.)

• His favorite movie is Christmas Cottage. He developed a crush on Jared Padalecki, who coincidently looks remarkably like the younger Winchester brother.

• He gets all his fashion tips from the Christmas Cottage and, feeling inspired by all the sassy scarves and other knitwear, also took up knitting as a hobby. He makes all his own sassy scarves, hats, mittens and even the odd knitted stuffed animal. In fact he knits so much that he often gives stuff to the people he helps out; some find it creepy, others find it cute.

• His "people skills" are still "rusty" and he continues to stare at people and make them uncomfortable.

I've deigned this ridiculous idea more thought than it deserves, what am I even doing, I'll stop now.
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