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Dee ([personal profile] dina) wrote on April 17th, 2010 at 03:06 pm
In other news, the Apocalypse.

01. Where are the Winchesters when you need them?
So, there's this little vulcanic ashcloud thing raging in Europe, you may have heard of it in the last, oh, week or so. Anyway, it's paralyzed our airspace, tourists are stranded wherever([livejournal.com profile] ibroketuesday I hope your family is ok!) who unlike John Cleese, probably can't afford to take a £3,300 taxi, here's the good part, not: ash particles are falling from the sky!
My grandpa came home and said it was all over our allotment garden, it's not something that's visible in the air tbh, the sun is shining, the weather is lovely - if it weren't for the particles being visible on shiny surfaces in some places, it would be a perfect day for a walk outside.

Picture from a news agency, ash on a car in Ringkøbing, Denmark - in Vest Jutland, far from where I live but still, case in point. Experts are apparently not agreeing about the health risks of the ash but I'd rather be safe than sorry and stay inside, the WHO agrees with me on this one.

The ash clouds include particles of rock, glass and sand that pose a serious threat to aircraft.

In addition to the travel problems, officials are urging people with breathing problems to stay indoors.


I made a little overview of the magnitude of this thing here or this graphic forecast, check it out if you're interested, it kinda puts things onto perspective. The vulcano Eyjafjallajökull (try saying that 3 times quick) is apparently still in eruption(webcam), and could continue to be so for weeks, Hell, years.

So, how are you today?
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