03 May 2010 @ 06:18 pm
i hurt i hurt i hurt  
01. I slipped and hit my tailbone this morning, what an amazingly painful way to start the day :/ It fucking hurt y'all, I'm on painkillers, the pain comes and goes but thankfully it looks like it's only bruised, nothing broken. I missed my first class this year because of this shit fffffffuuuu, it's gonna hurt to sit in class the next few days.

02. I remembered that I'd made this at [ profile] recoil_'s suggestion last night, cheered me up a bit when I saw it today, I miss Cas' headtilt...

03. I watched HTTYD yet again with my sister, I'm still a gooey mess ♥
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01 May 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Trolls exist! They steal your socks, but only the left ones.  
01. Yay, I changed my LJ background! I figured it was about time, it's been almost a year (how time flies) since I last changed it up - and well with finals going on, what better way to procrastinate eh? yeah I'm screwed :/ fuck I hate writer's block.
Hmm, the style was somewhat inspired by the works of the very talented and lovely [ profile] aesc but of course, it's not even half as good as her stuff, so check her out!

02. As for Supernatural 5.20 "The Devil You Know", it was a good episode. Crowley is a fucking fierce bitch and I will be sad when they inevitably kill him off. Oh and Crowley and Growley = ♥. However we're down to the last 2 episodes and I feel like we didn't get much done in this one, they should've aired it earlier in the season.

03. Now, I'm not a person who generally likes computer-animated movies all that much, Monsters inc. and Ratatouille being some of the few that I can list off the top of my head that I've enjoyed. I'm a traditional animation girl at heart, and feel that 3D loses some of that charm that 2D has. However, I have gone completely gaga over How To Train Your Dragon, my poor Twitter peeps can attest to that heh, idk how many times I've watched it by now - it's just so fricking adorable *melts*, I mean, just look at him/them:

He's like a kitty cat. Fuck Pandora, I want my own adorable Toothless. Hiccup is so cute and funny and Astrid is one cool chick. Yes I darn well ship it, I can't help it. Also, Craig Ferguson and Gerard Butler make an awesome team just fyi mmmm Scottish accents...

I might do a picspam when I get the a few months ack. The sequel will be released in 2013 (so loooong D;) and apparently there'll be a TV Show as well. Now I'm normally not much of a fan of franchises like this - just look at Shrek, there is no end to it gawd - but this time I really don't care, I just want more! I hope they can keep the same cast and crew, and of course the composer because the soundtrack is so lovely and wonderful and I love it. So if you haven't watched it yet and have some time to spare I'd definitely recommend this movie, it's become one of my all time favorites.

04. I need to stop procrastinating :/
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