27 September 2010 @ 10:21 pm
01. It's my birthday! Today, I turn 20 years old, which means that I am no longer a teenager. Woe. Anyway, I felt in a drawing mood LOL:

I suck at drawing guys but there ya have it.
Maaaan my tablet is on its last legs, poor thing, it's served me well for the last 5 years. I'd been hoping to get an Intuos4 but tbh the reviews about the fast nib-wear aren't convincing me to shell out so much money for it, especially since I haven't had to change the nib in my pen since I bought it :/ alas, Intuos3 seems to be discontinued. I'll wait and see before making a decision, I guess.

02. NEW LAYOUT! Felt it was time for a change after over a year with the same old same old :D

03. I've been a bit AWOL these last few weeks, sorry about that! I had to get my harddrive replaced, which took about a month so I was stuck on my netbook for the duration. NOT. FUN. Those things aren't meant for heavy usage ugh. Assignments have also been piling up as soon as classes started and I was on a trip to England/Scotland for a week or so, omg men in kilts *____*
17 May 2009 @ 01:37 pm
new layout and header, huzzah!  
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So, I did a complete 180 on my lj, the layout and profile(inspired by the lovely [ profile] airings) is up and running. I'm still tweaking here and there, but I am still new to the whole css thing so progress is slow. Smooth Sailing has some annoying limitations compared to Flexible Squares, the fact that you need a Paid account just to reorder the .entryMetadata into something more appealing is just plain douchey.

But I love it, Lee Adama pwns all and I'm not afraid to show it *huggles bright and shiny new layout* How anyone could resist this guy, just boggles the mind:

btw my enthusiasm for last night's Eurovision text voting has come to bite me in the ass; I've gotten over 40 messages back saying that I could only vote once and they keep coming, lol.

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