27 May 2009 @ 12:29 am
so. pretty. omg + ffaf leftover + random ranting.  
01. I'm so totally late for the SPN bandwagon that it's ridiculous. I was reluctant for a long time, largely due to the whole Wincest-fandom thingy. However, being pretty much show/fandomless for the summer and my fanfic resources running dangerously low, made me regroup and broaden my horizons a bit; I somehow got drawn to Supernatural and I blame Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester completely.

With Jensen + Misha, this show is really rating high on my prettyness scale. Oh Jensen, being this dorkysexyHOTomgpretty should be illegal.

02. Which reminds me: FFAF at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt was so much fun last week. I am addicted to that place srsly, it has its ugly/annoying sides(I really question the sanity of some of the members, and the J&K+8 fixation irritates me to amazingly high levels) but damnit I cannot go without my daily fix. Anyway, I completely forgot that I made this .gif in preparation for FFAF:

Inspired by THIS awesome post from the same day.
*sigh* I love .gifs, I really do, but Photoshop(I still ♥ u bb) usually uses up all my virtual memory when I want to make 'em and, well, my poor old PC can only handle so much memory usage at once before giving out and making my life miserable. I've tried UnFREEz, a very lightweight app, but the gif becomes just way to slow, even at a framerate of 0.

03. Random: I am not an easy person to squick, I can handle blood and guts, and horror movies bore me to tears. However, something about Nip/Tuck just makes my skin crawl(no offense to anyone who watches it) - and it's not the operations, but...idk the characters, the show in general just...ick.

04. Now, I may don't be a fan of Buffy season 4-7(excluding some eps. like Hush and The Gift), but to even consider a Buffy movie WITHOUT the original cast/crew, should be considered as blasphemy /end rant.
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