12 September 2009 @ 04:51 pm
Life is random, so am I.  
01. I've finally cleaned up my masterpost a bit, it's been a long time coming lol. Now I just need to get those tags fixed!

02 Twitter Has a 'Supernatural' Experience: Found this lovely article about the Supernatural trending topics that caused so much uproar.

The #luciferiscoming people are still Tweeting, albeit under a different tag. They are still supporting their show. And, considering that they were completely aware at all times of exactly what they were talking about and how much they were being misunderstood, they are still chuckling to themselves over the amount of publicity they created. Based on that, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe that the joke was on everyone else and Supernatural fans had the tag line from the start.

Indeed. Now, I hate Twitter, but stuff relating to Misha and SPN are bringing the lolz. ♥

03. I love getting all nostalgic and shit, I recently watched one of my favorites "A Goofy Movie" and, ngl, the soundtrack, including "Stand Out" and "Eye to Eye", is a guilty pleasure. I prefer the rest of the songs in Danish hehe.
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