27 March 2010 @ 04:51 pm
Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  

01. SPRING BREAK! FUCK YES. Had to turn in some exams on the same day, to say that I was stressed would be an understatement - I apologize to my awesome and patient SPNP boy and girls on Twatter for my frequent meltdowns, you guys keep me sane ♥

02. About Supernatural episode 5.15, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid? I've said this before so I'll keep it short: It was meh. I mean, yay for Zombie Apocalypse and all but I got bored halfway through, it just felt lackluster and anti-climatic, guess I expected more than a filler after the awesome episodes The Song Remains the Same and My Bloody Valentine that aired before the Hellatus. Judging by the released clips, next episode is looking pretty good though, I can't wait.

03. On Thursday, I managed to catch the first two periods of the Rangers vs. Devils game before I had to switch over to SPN. Had my girl [ profile] kissedmyfears to cheer for me by proxy lol. My boys lost :/ but at least the Devils moved back up to first plays in the Atlantic Division. I won't be able to watch the games against the Canadiens tonight or the Flyers on Sunday with the Los Angeles convention going on and all.

04. I'll be getting my con-fu on this weekend, it's been a while so I'll see that goes. A summary of the Friday LA Con panels has already been posted HERE. Richard is hilarious and Rob is basically Chuck in real life, so precious ♥
Tonight is gonna be more of a challenge with four panels to keep track of and transcribe - I can only imagine the screaming and flailing that is going to ensue when Misha gets up there. I wonder what he's going to wear this time, he looked positively dapper at ChiCon last November. And the carnations, can't forget the carnations lolz.

04. Also, this video? BRILLIANT LMAO

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