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Dee ([personal profile] dina) wrote on October 9th, 2010 at 11:37 pm
Supernatural 6x03 "The Third Man"
*puts on Marvin Gaye*

...oh yes.

Things I am in lust with/have an unnatural passionate affection for/loved/liked
- GLORY GLORY HALLELUUUUUUJAH GRATUITOUS, DELISHUS HALF-NAKED MEN. AND I JIZZED IN MY PANTS. DEM ARMS, DEM PECS, DAT BACK, oh how they glisten, oh they move, so firm. DID I JUST SEE A ~DUSTING OF CHEST HAIR? Holy Hipbones of Doom, Batman *brain shortcircuits* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥&hearts /Becky moment
- Ahem. DEATH OF ZE DOUCHEMOBILE. We hardly knew ye, yet... I don't care >:D Impala looked gawgeous as always, you go get it gurl.
- The misuse of quotation marks LOL, "I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect" "Charles Heston's disco stick" - I've missed the one-liners after such blehness ngl.
- Sam's indignation, oh bb &hearts

- Bigger budget, they really do seem to have a bigger production going on which is always good. No Rock tho :(

Things that peaked my interest
- Balthazar. Total bitch and self-serving, yet kinda sympathetic... reminds me of Gabriel. I miss Gabriel :( r.i.p. bb

Things that made me go :/
- In what would would Sam need to pay for sex? especially with that body nghh come to mama, I know I know it ties up to the ~disconnected feeling we get from him, yet I miss the s1-2 Sam who wanted a connection first :( and his non-reaction to the kid getting hurt...I mean, I get what's going on with Sam a big part of this season but I just can't warm up to it. Return to season 1 my ass, Sam was never this cold, neither was Dean if they're going for the whole ~rolereversal shit. They are setting up for something bad going on with Sam - soul issues maybe? - and it better be fricking worth it.
- TOO MUCH INFORMATION. No not that kind. Just, once again, too much stuff crammed into the episode. The pacing is still shit. The characterization still feels weird.
- Getting kinda tired of the angel stuff ngl.

Things I couldn't care less about
- Still don't give a crap about the Ben and Lisa shit. The ep. 4-6 preview looked promising, don't let me down.

All in all: Entertaining episode, yet at the end it kinda left me thinking "...that's it?" again, the pacing is still so off imo. It's the third episode already and I haven't yet warmed up to what they've done to the characters or wtf they have going on. Not good.
I'll just focus on the pretty then, MAN-FLESH HELLOOOOOOO~~~~~ it's my happy place.
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