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Dee ([personal profile] dina) wrote on April 16th, 2010 at 07:55 pm
Supernatural 5x18 "Point of No Return" aka 100th episode

"Word to the wise. Don't piss off the nerd angels."

Quick thoughts:

01. "It's not too hard to figure out the stops on the farewell tour, how's Lisa doing anyways?" The Lisa thing made me pause when Sam mentioned her, as if it was so obvious to Sam that he would go to her - again I hate that they at least didn't have a build up to that.

02. Oh teh ~homoerotic subtext~.It was a shipper's dream come true lol - Dean to Cas: "Cas, not for nothing but the the last person who looked at me like that - I got laid." and Zach about Sam and Dean: "Psychotically, irrationally, erotically co-dependent." Not to mention the winks and the heated angry stares, hate!sex plz and etc. etc. there was something for everyone in this episode xD

03. Castiel was a total BAMF omg. Also, he acted a bit like a scorned ex or something, it was kind of hilarious - but also sad that he his faith in Dean is dwindling. After that ending, I hope he's okay.

04. I didn't hate Dean, nor did I cheer on when Castiel beat the living daylights out of him. That whole scene made me sad to be honest; Dean losing faith in himself, Sam and their chances of finding a way out and Cas just completely losing it, realizing that the faith he put in Dean and the sacrifices he made may have been for nothing. I don't know, I've always sympathized with Dean, even when he does and says some pretty stupid and hurtful things, mainly because I feel I can understand why he's acting that way. Not to say that I didn't feel sorry for Sam, hearing that Dean lost faith in him did hurt, it was plain to see. The boys seem to have reached some sort of understanding but being spoiled and knowing that there'll be a beatdown between the guys soon, whether as themselves or as vessels, I'm not getting ahead of myself yet - the conflict hasn't been resolved completely.

05. This is probably an unpopular opinion, at least with the fans I know and maybe some of you on my f-list, heck I'm not even completely comfortable with it, but when it comes to Bobby...I think I'm at a point where I don't really care if he dies. I'd care more about what it would do to the boys and I'd be sad because they are hurting but other than that... I think this has been a long time coming for me, the "boo hoo. I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt," scene may have been the catalyst, I'm not sure. I didn't find it funny nor deserved, snark is fine and good but not when someone genuinely belittles other people's feelings. Him trying to guilt Dean last night, I can't really explain it, it just turned me off. I don't know, I guess I just find him insensitive, I'm probably not making much sense - I'll just leave it at that.

06. I get that people on the show and fans want Dean to get over his issues or something and focus on the current situation but these things don't work that way, you can't just magically wave off depression, guilt, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and God knows whatever else he's dealing with. I sound like a complete Dean!girl, I know - and I am in the sense that he is one of my favorite characters, both on the show and in general. I'm patient about this, after a season or more where he buried all that down I like finally watching it all bubble up to the surface.

07. I loved that pervy and snarky bastard Zachariah, they shouldn't have killed him off yet. By the way didn't he say in "The Song Remains the Same" that he had six wings? They only showed 2 when he died...

08. Most of y'all may know I'm not a fan of Adam, mostly due hating to the whole idea of a third Winchester sibling, I've never been a fan of the surprise!sibling trope or whatever it is called, Buffy solidified that one. In this episode...yeah I'm indifferent to him, so he had to make his own dinner or w/e but at least his mom tried, that's better than what the boys got. idek, he'll be back anyways.

09. I'm wondering about the letter right now, and if we'll ever see what Dean wrote in it, hmm... nvm someone found a clear cap and was able to partially transcribe it.

I loved the episode, but my stream cut me off last night and I just gave up 15 minutes in. I watched it this morning but there's just something about watching it live and with others that intensifies the experience. I think that's why I was a bit underwhelmed when I watched it by myself. I hope this is a one off thing because it was the 100th episode but if it isn't then...yeah I'm gonna be disappointed.

I have also resolved to stay as spoiler-free as possible from now on, I love spoilers, I really do, but we're getting close to the finish line (only 4 episodes left, yikes!) and I want to be surprised.

....okay that was way more than I expected from this post, I don't really start thinking about this stuff until I start writing. I wish it worked the same way with academic papers lol.
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