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Dee ([personal profile] dina) wrote on February 12th, 2010 at 05:28 am

Can't believe I'm writing this at 5AM, please forgive the inevitable errors.

01. FIRST OFF: THIS EPISODE SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING. FUCK, I'M NOT EASILY SQUEAMISH BUT JFC ON A CRACKER. This is the first time that I felt like, sick to my stomach when I watched something, I'm not usually squeamish. Then I had a full blown panic attack was alone and sitting in the dark, I know, wuss, I couldn't breathe in deeply and idek D: but then of course Jensen's all...fuck ;___; I forgot about the PA and just burst into tears. Fuck I love this show. Edlund you sick mofo.

02. John and Mary got set up by Cupid. Huh. Also way to open up a raw wound there Cupid.

03. Jimmy, holy frak, please tell me he is not still in there? Because that would just suck, poor guy has been through enough and I thought that Cas getting killed finally put him to rest. I love the guy, The Rapture is one of my favorite episodes but dammit the the alternative is just cruel. Question, we've seen future!Cas and if Zach didn't make the whole thing up how could both be in one body yet be human for all intents and purposes? My mind cannot process this right now...I don't even want to think about what this could mean for the end of the season...fuck.

04. Sam, you poor son of a bitch D: we're back at this point again, I know the show hasn't really dealt with the process of the blood withdrawal, excluding WTLB, since it was drained/magicked away by God? or whatever it was. But dammit his screams made my heart hurt.

05. Some are maybe gonna think that Cas letting Sam out of the bunker should've come up, but... idk I want them to mention it on screen if it they haven't supposedly done it off screen like the First Seal talk, but I don't think it was the time or place tbh :( the whole ending was painful, Dean and Castiel's faces in the end, their silence contrasted with Sam's screams, Jeebus.

06. Dean, stop breaking my heart you poor bastard. I'm glad, well not glad as in glad but still, that we're finally seeing the emotional effect this whole messed up situation has had on him: Hell, living, friends dying, Sam's addiction, the Apocalypse and God knows what else. We all knew that his ~swallow sadness~ shtick wasn't going to last forever but dammit that boy is too much for me, the last scene had me in tears ;__;


❤ LOL handsy Cupid. I hope they burned those suits afterward.
❤ The cellphone scene, personal space issues, love it. Oh Cas, you're so awkwardly presh <3
❤ Cas was one hungry hungry Hippo, and he enjoys White Castle, there's gotta be a joke somewhere in there....

Back to depressing matters, ~HELLATUS OF DOOM~ PART TWO IS UPON US >:⎮ *shakes fist* DAMN YOUR EYES!!!
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