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Dee ([personal profile] dina) wrote on September 21st, 2009 at 11:30 pm
Gif Post: Supernatural 5x02 (temp 5x03 preview)
#WARNING: Possibly image-heavy content.

Of course you will, bb, of course you will :')


1. DOWNLOADING: The .gifs below are thumbnails, click for fullsize and then "Save As".
2. HOTLINKING: Knock yourself out, they're hosted on TinyPic.
3. CREDIT: None needed, but if anyone asks where to find them(pfft yeah right) you could redirect them here.
3. COMMENTS: I'm a comment whore, comments are always welcome!

5x02 - Good God Y'all

01. 02. "Speak of the devil"
03. "I'm sorry."
04. "I'm gonna find God.""
05. "He's not on any flatbread."
06. "I did it, all of it for you"
09. "Oh great, now I feel naked." 10. Disappointed Dean is disappointed 11.
13. "Pit stop on Mount Doom?"


5x03 - 5x03 - Free To Be You And Me

01. (TEMP. -->5X03) 02. (TEMP. -->5X03)
03. (TEMP. -->5X03)
04. (TEMP. -->5X03)
05. (TEMP. -->5X03)
06. (TEMP. -->5X03)


01. Finally posted these suckers! I'm a slowpoke I know XD. Anyway, not many and not much of Sam, those you can find HERE - [livejournal.com profile] vampiric02 made 'em while getting her rocks off on tied up Sam LOL jk jk, THEY ARE AWESOME AS USUAL, unf Demon-eyed Dean.
Anyway, I've also temporarily posted .gifs of the 5x03 preview - spoiler marked clearly for all ye spoilerphobes *cough*[livejournal.com profile] vampiric02*cough*. These will be relocated into their own post after the episode airs and I will most likely make some with better picture quality afterwards when I stop giggling that is. Enjoy ;).
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